Christmas Tree Flock Los Angeles

Flocking your Christmas tree is an excellent way to have a white Christmas no matter what Mother Nature has in store. However, you might be asking yourself what on earth does "flocking" a tree means.  

Flocking is the process of spraying many small fiber particles onto a surface. The goal is to make the surface appear like it has fresh snow on it. For example, a Christmas tree can be flocked with a fluffy white spray to mimic snow.

In this post, we'll walk you through how to decorate your Christmas tree beautifully and safely with flock product.

How To Flock Your Christmas Tree With Flocking Powder 

Depending on the size of the Christmas tree and the number of branches, spraying flock can take a few hours to finish. The steps below will transform your Christmas tree into a wintry white display.  

  • Supplies Needed
  • Christmas Tree Flocking powder
  • Plastic sheeting or drop cloth
  • Mesh wire colander sifter 
  • Spray bottle
  • Water 
  • Mask

Step 1: Prep Work Surface 

Prepare your workspace with a drop of cloth or plastic sheeting for easy cleanup. Make sure you are in a ventilated area cleared of keepsakes because you will be dusting your Christmas tree or spray with flocking powder. The flocked Christmas tree will need time to dry, so don't do this in a room. Open space would be better.

Step 2: Protect Base

Protect the base of your tree and other things you don't want to flock with a plastic bag or plastic sheeting. Open and fluff the branches of the Christmas tree. Make sure to fluff before flocking so that the powder falls in the correct places on the branches. 

Step 3: Spray Tree

Lightly spray the Christmas tree with water using a spray bottle. Ensure the tree branches are well misted since that's where you want the faux snow to sit. And be careful not to oversaturate the branches.

Step 4: Apply Flocking

Place your flocking powder into a mesh wire sifter. Hold the mesh wire sifter above the moist branches, and sprinkle flocking powder. Start from the tips of the tree branches and work your way inside depending on how snow-dusted you want the tree to be. You may have to slightly mist branches with water during this process to ensure an evenly white-flocked Christmas tree.

Step 5: Let Dry 

Continue sprinkling flocking powder until branches reach desired snow-dusted effect. Once you are done adding the powder, mist water over the top and let dry.  

How Do You Remove Flocking Powder From A Christmas Tree?

You need to wet the tree again with a spray bottle, take a cloth, and rub the flocking from the needles. This method might not get the entire amount off but should remove the majority of the flocking. 

What Next?

You can inspire your home with the beauty of winter this season by flocking your Christmas tree. If you live in Los Angeles and you love flocking a Christmas Tree, consider getting Flock In A BOX products.