Christmas Tree Flocking Spray

What is flocking? Ecologically, the term has an utterly different connotation from what most people know it to be. Flocking is the term that describes the snow-like decoration of a Christmas tree. One sprays the flock on the tree needles of pines, furs or firs. Traditionally, people would flock their trees with white spray.

Christmas tree flocking spray attaches small fibers to the external surface of a tree. The process is not limited to the celebratory season of the year, because it is widely prevalent in fashion, crafting, and home décor. Flock In A Box uses ingredients that have high adherence to the texture of the trees and pose minimal or no risk to flaming. 

Flock In A Box spray

Brands like Flock In A Box have revolutionized the white prism decoration by introducing other colors such as purple, red, green, blue all different colors in between the rainbow spectrum. These high-intensity hues have gained extreme popularity. 

Our store has three grades of the spray, which vary according to volume. You will find the two-pound box for less than $30, the five-pound box for less than $40 and the twenty-five pond box for approximately $52. 

A little history of flocking

Society has idolized end of year celebrations and will typically begin the Christmas marketing themes months before the due months. Two weeks leading up to Christmas will have massive snowy looking decorations scattered all over the towns and cities of the world. 

The obsession with the whites and reds of Christmas began in the 19th century. The new flocking decoration would, however, use substances like cotton or flour. Popular Magazine has a 1929 article that recommends the use of cornstarch, varnish, and flakes of mineral mica for the creation of Christmas tree flocking spray. 

Technological did not spare the flocking tradition. The current flocking procedures began in the late 1950s and continued to gain fame up until the 60s. Small entrepreneurs assembled products that helped people have an easier time while spraying. The post-war duration marked the beginning of superior Christmas glamming, with the introduction of glitz décor and aluminum trees. 

How safe is Christmas tree flocking?

The process of flocking tress has taken a dramatic turn from the use of all-natural ingredients to use of chemicals. Manufacturers like Flock In A Box have decent environmental awareness and use materials that have proven safety levels. One should flock their tree using a safe Christmas tree flocking spray than enrolling for professionally flocking services. 

Professionals may add Borax, which has disputed safety claims due to its flammability status. Another aspect of safety involves the recyclability of the trees. A natural tree will be dumped into the landfill or go through mass recycling. You should be sure that the flocking spray in use would not cause harm to the environment.

Flock In A Box has not received any negative reviews of causing harm to children or pets. Take advantage of the magic of Christmas to turn the dud tree into a magnificent sparkle.