Flocked Christmas Tree Los Angeles

The main benefit of flocking is the soft white or colored spectacular appearance of the Christmas tree. An unknown perk is that flocked natural tress tend to last longer than ones that are not flocked. The retained needles make it easier to clean. Moreso, wetness does not allow for quick flammability; neither do the flame retardant particles of the spray. 

How to maintain a flocked Christmas tree in Los Angeles

The flock adds a deep and warm glow the tree. This aspect is what makes the tree glisten, due to the regular addition of water. One has to make conscious plans to upkeep the beauty and sturdiness of the tree. The maintenance of flocked trees requires vigor. Follow these tips to ensure long-lasting trees that could make it to the next Christmas season.

Maintain the moisture

Regular watering of natural trees - the leaves will maintain a vibrant green and smooth texture, making it easier for one to recycle it into the next season. 

Keep the tree in a cool and dry place to limit its exposure to weather elements that cause excessive evaporation of moisture. This option may be hard, depending on the location of the home. You can minimize evaporation by keeping the tree in a room with closed windows. Alternatively, do not unwrap the tree from its box until the last week leading up to Christmas. 

Protect the assembly

Delicate assembly of additional decorations will ensure that the flock does not sprinkle onto the floor as dry dandruff. 

Keep the children and pets from the tree. While it is joyful to include the family in the decoration process of the tree, one must make it clear that tampering with it will not leave as beautiful and firm as before. Otherwise, you may have to continually clean off the flocking dust from the floor and clothes, as well as fasten the tree’s base foundation. 

Ensure high quality flocking

Buying a flocked Christmas tree in Los Angeles means that it may not be up to par with your vision. You may find that the tree has bare spaces at the top of the bottom of the tree. Buy Flock In A Box and fill in the missed parts. 

Use a highly rated flocking spray to ensure the content is steadfast on the trees. You may have to study the chemical ingredients of the spray to ascertain its marketing promises. Finding good reviews on the products means that you will not blindly fall victim to a low-quality spray. Flock In A Box has the following unique qualities:

  • 100-percent organic nature and minimal artificial ingredients.
  • High levels of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Rich nutritional content that eventually becomes useful to the tree 

Know the tips of flocking

It takes approximately ten minutes to flock a six-foot tree. The procedure of flocking will determine whether you have a beautiful and long-lasting tree, or you have to throw it immediately after the festivities. These tips will ensure that you do not use extremely light spray that will make the leaves vulnerable to dry air.