How To Flock A Christmas Tree At Home

 Do you want to learn how to flock a Christmas tree at home? Start by purchasing original professional-grade flocking powder from Flock In A Box.

What Equipment Will I Need to Flock A Christmas Tree?

You will need the following items:

  • Drop Cloth or a Protective Cloth
  • Gloves
  • Kitchen Sifter
  • Spray Bottle
  • Dust Mask
  • Goggles

You will also need your Flock in a Box. Consider flocking your tree outside, in a basement or even garage. If that is not possible, you can put your drop cloth down. Flocking a tree can get messy. Remember the flocking might get on your shoes or socks. You want to be careful not to track it all over your home. 

It is essential to protect yourself from ingesting the flocking and getting it in your eyes. You may want to wear goggles to protect your eyes. You can end up with professional results if you follow the directions and take your time. Learning how to flock a Christmas tree at home can be a rewarding experience.

How Do I Apply The Flock?

If you want to learn how to flock a Christmas tree at home, follow the instructions. Make sure your area is set up, and your supplies are within easy reach. You will want to start by applying water generously to the tree.

When you begin applying the flocking, use a handheld sifter. Always start at the top and work down. Some flock will naturally off the needles and land on the lower branches. This will help create a natural look and can save you a lot of effort and time. Try to apply the flocking to only needle tips and allow it to form clusters. Don't worry about the underside of the branches. If you try to use flocking on the underside of your tree branches, it will not look as natural.

Take your time, so your tree looks like it is natural and it has newly fallen snow on it. If you have leftover Flock, you might try using the same technique to flock other Christmas decorations. Flocked wreaths are beautiful, flocked garland, and swags. You can also flock artificial pre-lit trees.  Use your imagination and create a winter wonderland.

What’s Next?

Your tree needs to be completely dry before you string lights and adorn it with decorations. Some people string their lights on the tree before they flock. Putting the lights on first often softens their glow, and they look more like they are part of the tree. Plus, you won't knock off or wear away any of the flocking. Now you can clean up your flocking equipment, move your tree indoors or to its designated place and have a tree trimming party. By learning how to flock a Christmas tree, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money.

 Tree farms charge up to fourteen dollars a foot to flock a tree. By using Flock In A Box, you will get premixed Ice flakes that reflect the light and look like real snow. Our products are organic and contain no artificial preservatives. Contact Flock In A Box and get prepared for the holidays.